A little about me ♥

This is me! ⬆️

Well, if I’m being honest, this is me a few years ago but I really like this picture!

I’ve decided to reset my blog, or “kind of” reset I should say since I will be keeping some old posts I had written prior to the reset LOL. Only because I think they may still be sort of helpful.

I’ve been MIA for a hot minute & have been kind of lost honestly, in regards to my blog and how to share my life!

This is obviously a personal/lifestyle blog! And I have decided to just share what is going on with me and my journey into adulthood *types this knowing full well I’ve been in adulthood for a long ass time*.

The best little script I can say about me at the moment is “I go by Loops & I’m a 30-something year old spinster trying to figure out how to adult”.

That’s basically the gist of it.

For the longest time I have been trying to figure out how to be more joyful than sad over not knowing what the heck I’m doing most days. The adulting struggle is real!

My blog will pretty much be a reflection of my current life goals!

My life goals at this exact moment (and who knows for how long) are as follows:

✓ Be a decent ukulele player and sing ( haven’t played in so long and practically forgot how to play and I suck at singing and don’t know squat about it)!

✓ Get a job as a programmer and see if it’s for me or if I’ve been kidding myself this whole time! (Got my CS degree the year of COVID lockdown & have not been confident enough to believe I know what I’m doing).

✓ Live a healthier lifestyle & as a result get in hot shape again and have a phat ass!


✓ Be a Mom! I still have plans to be a SMBC and be a mom on my own!

✓ Be a consistent blogger & maybe one day I can make this my job depending on if the tables have turned.

✓ Be financially situated, aka get out of debt AGAIN, have a retirement plan, and a decent savings where I’m not worried about money!

✓ Be confident in myself and who I am, versus where I’m at now which is scared out of my wits about mostly everything


✓ Live a simple life!

That’s a lot I know! And I don’t know how I’m going to set up my categories on my blog yet! But since I’m starting over practically, I’m going to figure it out as I go!

Ultimately, if no one cares about my journey I can use this as a life tracker to see the progress of becoming a better version of myself!

I’m excited once again to start blogging again! I’m going to try and not overthink like before and try and use what happens with me to maybe help others who may also feel lost! 🙂

In summation, Welcome to my blog (TAKE 2)!

🍺 (<<< XX) Here’s to making this a place where you can learn something helpful hopefully, or at least laugh at my lame shenanigans.


Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I love Nacho Libre. 🥺