My First Ukulele!

When I first decided that I wanted to learn to play the ukulele it was a little frustrating. I didn’t know which ukulele I should get. I didn’t really know anything. Honestly, I didn’t even know that there were different types that produce different sounds. Yeah, I’m kind of an idiot.

Basically, in my head I imagined this super easy process. It was like: want to learn to play ukulele, need a ukulele, watch a tutorial, boom- I’m now a professional ukulele player!

At first I told myself to just buy the cheapest cutest one I could find, aesthetic…am I right?

Doing research gets annoying sometimes because there is so much stuff out there. I was looking on Amazon and was basically looking for a super cute ukulele to buy so I could start playing already.

I saw cute cheap ones. Then I saw the crappy ratings and started reading some reviews. There were reviews talking about how some of the ukulele’s I was interested in were a pain because right after tuning them they would lose it and you had to constantly keep retuning them.

I then convinced myself (mostly because I have a credit card at Guitar Center) that I should just spend money and buy a great ukulele with great ratings on GC.

I started looking and of course, first started by finding the prettiest ukulele. After finding some super cute looking ukulele’s I started going through those by rating. I then came across a ukulele that was a Concert uke and Black 😍.

I am so glad I bought this uke. The strings on this uke are a little more spread apart which makes it so much easier to learn to play in my opinion. The sound is a little more deeper than say the Soprano (which sounds lighter) but I love it.

Since then I have bought a Soprano and I’m going to be honest still use my Concert uke most of the time. I tune it (using an app) and it lasts a LONG TIME.

Usually when I go to play it every few days I’ll go to my tuner app I use and check that it’s tuned and let me tell you, it stays tuned pretty well.

It’s amazing. Even when I play for long periods of time, it’s never a problem.

So, I’m not a ukulele professional. But if someone came up to me and asked what ukulele I think they should buy I would definitely recommend this one. I love it so much.

It’s a little priced. I think when I bought it the price was like $135. It’s currently $130. But I really think it beats buying a crappy uke that you have to keep tuning every few minutes because that has to be frustrating.

Especially when you are already trying to learn something new like an instrument, and being bad at something is such a self-esteem blow and could deter you from riding it out. So having an instrument that doesn’t add to that frustration, is a good way to go!

Here is a link to the ukulele I’m in love with that I’m talking about! <3

I post short little covers of my ukulele shenanigans on my Youtube if you want to see how bad I am. I’m still working on my ukulele skills. But playing ukulele is so amazing still, I love it!


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