4 Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Smile!

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Disclaimer: I am not a Dentist or Dental professional. Please consult your Dentist for any questions or concerns about your teeth. This is subjective and based on my own experience.

Most people will agree that teeth are one of a person’s best assets. You use them to eat and to smile. Chipping your teeth is something you might not be thinking about. However, it could happen to you and faster than you think!

While chipped teeth aren’t necessarily something to be afraid of as with today’s dentistry techniques they are something that could be repaired- why repair and spend money on what could be avoided?

If you care about your teeth like me, then you might want to read these 4 habits that could be ruining your smile.

1. Hard Foods. Sometimes we eat hard foods that can lead to a chipped tooth or teeth. You might not realize it until it’s too late and it’s already happened. Beware of using your front teeth when you are chewing hard items as they are probably not the ones you want to chip first.

2. Chewing Your Nails. Sometimes chewing your nails could be a coping mechanism for anxiety or just a bad habit. However, when you chew your nails you usually use the same teeth and those teeth will wear out over time or you might end up chewing the nails in a way that causes chipping.

3. Chewing your Lips. This is similar to the nail chewing. I know I have a bad habit of chewing my lips when I’m nervous or when I’m stressed. But when you do this, you have the possibility of grinding your teeth which could lead to chips. No, not the delicious kind.

4. Grinding your teeth during the day or while you sleep. Sometimes grinding your teeth is something you do without even realizing it. You might do it throughout the day or while you sleep. While you sleep is the worst because it’s harder to be aware of this and by the time you realize it, it might be too late.

Grinding your teeth at night though could be avoided by purchasing a mouth guard. You can get one most likely with your Dentist or the cheaper route is to get one over-the-counter or online.

Some of these you have to mold yourself but they usually come with thorough directions (click here for link to mouthguard).

Ps. Get ready to drool hardcore.

These habits are things you could be doing daily or often and you might not really consider the damage they could do. The reason I know is because I have done a few of those myself and guess what? One day as I was doing my make-up I noticed one of my front teeth was chipped.

It’s not a good feeling, at least it wasn’t for me. It’s something that I’m still self-conscious about it and freak out that it will chip more than it already has. Stopping the habits are not easy if you do them often and without thinking.

However, at least knowing what could happen might help you become more aware or realize when you are doing these habits and could maybe slowly start doing them less often or stop doing them altogether.

Now how about you. Do you do any of these habits?


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