Tips For Those Starting To Swim For Exercise!

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So you’ve been thinking of trying to swim to get that hot body you’ve been wanting for a while?

Let me tell you, I had been wanting to get into swimming because swimming is just fun and I thought it would be a cool way to get in shape! Also, to help with my insomnia on some days as swimming usually exhausts the heck out of me…

I didn’t consider a couple of things, but it’s no biggie because seeing that I’ve been swimming for a hot minute I’ve realized a couple of things that might help you if this is something you are thinking of doing too…

#1 Swimming is fun! Just like I imagined, swimming is a fun way to get that cardio in. I’ve been trying to fit in one hour a day and even though sometimes I just find myself doggie paddling from one side of the gym pool to another, I feel the workout once I have left the pool! AND it helps me sleep like a baby!

#2 Invest in some swimmer products! This is something I didn’t really think about until I started to notice what swimming every day was doing to my hair and skin. Even after adding a bunch of conditioner, my hair just felt rough like straw and was very hard to keep untangled because the ends were just dying.

Make sure to try different shampoo’s, conditioner’s, and body washes, specifically for swimmers. I’m still trying to find products I love. So far, these are the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash I’ve been using/trying…they are okay for now.

But as soon as I finish and need to reload on products I will try some others to see if I find other better products! I do notice a difference with these but not as much of a difference as I would like.

Got these from Amazon!

#3 Invest and learn to properly put a swim cap on! Still figuring this one out as I got a swim cap and thought it would help my hair problem but putting it on where water doesn’t seep in while swimming is something I’m still playing with!

You know when you have big shorts in a pool and they inflate and look funny as all heck, well that is me with the swim cap when I don’t wear it right. Alien head….

Imagine this full of water as I swim like a mermaid…

#4 Invest in eye products! I wasn’t used to swimming and even with goggles, I notice my eyes sometimes are irritated from the water juices/chemicals. I made sure to buy some eye drops that I use after swimming as well as eye wash for the days where my eyes feel way too uncomfortable.

Also, don’t forget to get goggles. Swimming with vision is funner! 😀

Got my goggles and eye products from CVS

#5 If you’re swimming at the gym, finding the right routine makes life so much easier! I don’t like to shower at the gym, so I try and make changing out of my wet suit as fast as I can so I can get out, go home, and shower!

Some tips I recommend is slip-on pants (I use jeggings), slip-on sneakers (I use slip-on converse), a big hoodie, hair towel, and a top with a built in bra.

When I’m done swimming and rinsing, first thing I do is put my hair towel on to prevent dripping as much as possible. Then I get to the dressing rooms…

I put my wet suit and eventually flip-flops in a plastic bag which goes in my gym bag and then dry myself as best I can and slide everything on and walk out with my hoodie hood on to hide the towel a bit!

🙂 Makes getting out of the gym a breeze!

My slip-on Chucks for when I leave or get to the gym 🙂 or any life event really! Love these!


  • take plastic bags to put your wet clothes in so other stuff doesn’t get wet in your gym bag!
  • your flip-flops! Gym floors are no joke.
  • rinse your hair/body before and after at the gym. My gym has a shower right in the pool area for this and I’m pretty sure most do. Rinsing before and wetting your hair makes the chlorine not as absorbent to your hair! Take care of your hair!
  • make-up wipes if you have make up on prior to swimming!

PS. Here is the bathing suit I recently bought that I love because it’s shorts and shirt in one basically!!!

I’m not a fan of showing a lot of my skin when I swim.

🙂 But that’s just my preference…


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