Asymmetrical Face- Now What?

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Sometimes it seems as you start getting confident about something, the devil comes through and punches you in the throat and says “Ha, you thought”. It’s usually body issues but lately thanks to my own facial discovery, I’ve realized lacking facial symmetry just got added to the list. As if confidence wasn’t already an endangered trait. *Badump Tss* 🥁Am I right?

I was doing my make-up one day and you know that meme where it says “Your picture after you stare at it for more than 2 minutes” and the latter one looks deformed? That’s basically what happened. The closer I got to finishing my make-up look and the more I kept staring at myself, the more I thought “what the F s wrong with my face?”

Have I looked like this my whole life and just never noticed? It’s like one eye and eyebrow are on a whole different level than its neighbor. Over the next few days I couldn’t stop looking at it. I started doing a bunch of googling to try to figure out how the heck I could fix this.

Thankfully no one walked in on me at 3 am trying face yoga. As that was one of the potential fixes I read about. I’m writing this post in case anyone else runs across this issue. Because up until recently, this had started to become the #1 insecurity compared to all my millions of other insecurities.

What could cause it?

After reading a bit on this I figured out that there are a few factors that come into play that lead to asymmetry in the face. It could range from genetics to things you could even be doing or have done that led to it. It could be something like you’re just getting old (RIP), to damage from the sun (damn you perfect tans), to how you sleep on your pillow or even some vices like smoking, and more.

Potential Solutions

I will try to fix my asymmetrical face and have a few things I will be trying to see if it helps. The different things I’ve looked into to try are:

***Face Yoga. Did you know there are videos online to exercise your face? Here is the video I was doing at 3 am when I first realized my eye/eyebrow was lopsided. This one is for uneven eyes but there are others if you just search for Face Yoga.

***These crazy facial contraptions I bought to fix my face. One is this bandage that I need to get more consistent with wearing lol. If it doesn’t help fix my face then at least it makes me laugh. In the item description, it’s recommended to be worn for 4 weeks to start seeing results. I have commitment issues but we will see how that goes down.

The other one is one of those face rollers that supposedly helps with face tightening. I’m not sure what my issue is, if it’s my face aging horribly or maybe my face muscles have quit. OR, maybe my face has been like this the whole time, and my friends and family have just not made it known. Bless their hearts if that’s the case.

There is this other tool I want to buy as well but right now it’s just chilling in my wish list until I make a decision. I was going to wait on these other two things I already bought before getting this other tool. But it’s something that I think is used when you get a facial and has to do with energy frequencies to the face if I read it correctly. I don’t know but it sounds cool and supposedly helps tighten your face.

It has a bunch of good reviews though and is a best seller so I have hope for this baby if all else fails.

***Sleep Position Change. I will try sleeping on my back since I am one of those people that sleeps with my face on the pillow and apparently that could cause facial asymmetry. FML. But it’s the most comfiest way to sleep. 🤷🏻‍♀️

***Microblading. This is the newest thing for brows. I’m not going to lie, without realizing my face was going crazy I still was considering microblading to fix my eyebrows. My eyebrows and I have always had a love/hate relationship, mostly hate but whatever. But microbladed brows look so “fetch”.

***If these attempts fail miserably, then there is always the Botox route or plastic surgery. I don’t think I would do it personally, as the thought of injecting anything or cutting into my forehead freaks me out. Key word: forehead. I would totally have fat injected into my butt, *Badump Tss* 🥁

I think if all else fails I will just stop taking selfies and also boycott mirrors for life.

At the end of the day that’s the only reason why you start hating things about yourself. If you wouldn’t see yourself at all you could just pretend your hot 24/7. I’ve always thought acting would be fun, well I could act like I’m in shape and have a perfect head.

If you are having issues with asymmetry in the face, you are not alone. There are actually a lot of people that are battling this confidence killer and that have this problem. Don’t believe me? Just read the comments on some of those face yoga videos or google the statistics. I believe last I checked it was like over 50% of people have asymmetrical faces.

But let’s get real, at the end of the day this is just a vessel while we are here. Some people are blessed with awesome faces, others with awesome personalities, some with both-those of you please leave. Jk. Let’s not let this get the best of us because it might not be something you could perfect or fix even if you try.

I’m telling you… lets just throw out our mirrors and we will be golden. Mirrors are the devil.

Or we could just own the asymmetry and rock the imperfections!


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