Need A New Phone Background?

Are you one of those people that gets quickly tired of your phone background? Sometimes it’s fun to use pictures you took or of people you love, or the hotties, eg. Man Crush. Sometimes though you need something new. If you are one of those people, as I am, who gets constantly tired of your phone background keep reading!

Now, this is kind of silly because really you could just google whatever image you want or are thinking of and just save and boom-new wallpaper. But if you are lazy like me, then Pinterest is the place for these backgrounds!

This is my newest thing. One of my Pinterest boards is for Iphone Wallpapers

and you can just keep saving pins that are similar to what you have already saved or are into and you never run out of new wallpapers!

It’s so easy, and you could just save it and boom-there it is! You just have options and every time you get tired of the same old wall paper, go to your Pinterest and download the image and upgrade it! No searching on Google for what you might like- just go to your board where you have them saved and there you go!

This is weird, but like everything else in life sometimes when you have something new you feel a little bit newer yourself.

Like new background, who dis? Jk. Maybe not to that extreme, I’m not that psycho. But really, try it.

Here’s my newest one! I love it, but not sure for how long…

but at least I know when I get tired of it, I can just go to all the beautiful wallpapers I have saved on my board.

Lately, when I get tired of my background I just cruise through my board on Pinterest and find something new and hip. And for some reason I feel like, “Wow Loops you are getting it together! Good for you!”.


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