How I Learned To Sing and Strum At The Same Time

Are you having trouble with being able to sing and strum your ukulele at the same time? When I first started trying to learn songs to play on my ukulele- I too had this problem.

I remember thinking I’m never going to be able to do this. It just doesn’t seem possible to be able to do both together. Strumming on it’s own, especially with a pattern is hard already. How the heck can I also sing?

Well, fast forward to today and here I am singing (not very good RIP) and strumming simultaneously. How did I do it? Well, believe it or not all I did was follow along with this awesome YouTuber! I watched this video and basically did what she suggested!

Now please don’t watch this and think, after I watch this I too will be able to strum and sing at the same time. The first thing you need is…are you ready for this?


I know, I know. This is definitely not what you wanted to hear. You wanted to push a button and suddenly be a pro at ukulele. Trust me, I was there. But unrealistic expectations won’t get you anywhere. Don’t hate me please.

Chill out my friend. Because if you don’t go into this with the expectation that this is a learning process you might lose your shit and give up. Don’t do that please.

If you really want to strum and sing at the same time, you will. The primary takeaway of this video is how you learn anything in life…

Break it up into small steps.

First, learn to single strum. Then move to singing with single strums-if not the whole song then the certain words that are supposed to take place when you do the strums. After that you can move to learning to strum with patterns and later you get so used to the way you strum and where certain words go that you end up filling in the rest of the lyrics. It takes time but when you see progress, any little bit, you know that you totally can learn this and it isn’t hopeless like you initially thought!

Let me know if you are having trouble with this. I know my brother was having trouble as well and I suggested this video and for him to use it to learn like I did. But he admittedly hasn’t had the patience that is needed to keep at it until you see bits of progress so has not yet achieved this step.

Not because it’s impossible but because it all depends on your will and how determined you are. I know that if I was able to do it, then anyone can!

Now tell me, what songs are you hoping to learn on the ukulele or currently learning?


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