Tops That Help To Hide Tummy

Gaining weight is horrible and one of the things I hate about it is that when I gain weight, the fat goes straight to my belly. So when I’m in that big belly phase I love to find blouses that hide that part of my body as it’s what I get most self-conscious about.

Recently I found two tops/blouses that help in that area. Both from Forever 21. Both for very cheap. Both are long-sleeve which I get summer and heat are coming but for some weird reason I don’t like showing my arms that much and so I find myself wearing long sleeves a lot.

Wanted to share in case anyone else is ever looking for blouses to hide their bulging tummy with lonjas.

Twist-Back Knit Sweater

The first one is the Twist-back Knit Sweater. It’s like a whitish creamish color and the only little thing that I first didn’t like but now I’m okay with is the back has this twist style and is higher than the length of the front. I always wear tank tops underneath though so it’s no biggie. This blouse is super cute and I like how it helps hide my little lonjas.

Active Heathered Knit Top

The other one is a grey long sleeve that at first I didn’t know it would hide my tummy but this is my newest fav casual top. The material is thin and so comfy too! 🙁 Sorry this one is no longer sold.

You guys the best part! Together the blouses are $16! I know, it’s freaking crazy. One is $7 and one is $9. But I mean I guess it’s no big deal since to get free shipping you usually have to spend way more. Boo.

I’m really thinking of getting two more of each lol since I find it so hard to find blouses that I love!

Sorry I’m not better at taking pictures. I’m trying.


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