Why You Should Reconsider Sleeping During Flights

I’ve always wanted to start getting into traveling alone. I have a few friends but everyone is busy most days and if there are kids it makes it even harder to travel together and plan a nice trip. Hence, why for a while I’ve been thinking of just saving enough and starting to travel solo.

I’m still working up to solo traveling because as I’ve gotten older I feel my anxiety has become worse than ever. Also, all the talks about human trafficking and how it’s this whole organization now always is on my mind making me even more freaked out to go places alone.

There are a few places I would love to travel to besides Alaska (which I’m going this year with a couple of people-woot woot!) that require long hours on flights. When I’ve thought of long flights on those future trips, I’ve always just assumed that I would sleep through those flights… that way it would go by faster.

Then I read something that kind of left me grossed out and that I had never even considered.

Apparently, sexual assault on flights is a thing.

Yeah, I know… try not to vomit. Sexual assault is the most disgusting thing on earth but on top of that the fact that these gross individuals prey on sleeping passengers on flights makes it even more appalling.

I read about how there have been cases of women who fall asleep on flights and wake up with someones hand on or in between their legs. One case was a women who it appeared drank during her flight and she woke up to someone sexually assaulting her under a blanket. (Here is one article of a lawsuit regarding a recent case.) (Here is a second article.)

I wanted to share this in case like me you have never even imagined this happening on a flight. I always just assumed (I’m naive) that sleeping on flights was the thing to do and that you would be safe, if the flight is boring or super long.

Thankfully with the exception of like 2-3 times in my life, when I’ve flown I’m usually with siblings or family so nothing horrible has happened.

But if you are one of those people who solo travels and not to be sexist but are a woman, then you really should be careful that way this never happens. A lifetime of trauma is not worth a nap.

In Summation,

***Try not to drink when flying because it’s harder to be aware of situations when under the influence

***As sad as this sounds, don’t trust everyone. One of the cases I believe the abuser bought the victim a drink or drinks and it seemed it was in order to appear friendly while also getting the victim intoxicated/sleepy

***I know the window seats on planes are the coolest but if you plan on sleeping, I would think getting a seat nearest to the front where the attendants can see you or on the end of the passageway would be better as you’re probably more visible

***Rather than falling asleep, try to download or binge watch new shows/movies…something that is entertaining so you won’t sleep. It’s better to be safe than sorry

***If you are someone who stays awake, maybe be aware of your surroundings as that can potentially prevent someone else from being harmed


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