I Bought Some Blue Light Glasses

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I have been hearing for a while now about blue light glasses and how they help a ton if you are one of those people on the computer or your phone all day or a lot! I kept being curious to try them while also ignoring and not buying myself any. Well, I finally bought some.

Why should I care about Blue Light?

Apparently the blue light that is emitted from our digital screens can be the cause of headaches, issues sleeping, and is said to maybe even cause vision issues after so much of it. I know I’m on my phone and laptop during the day, half for work and then I get on my own computer after work and usually after a while my eyes just feel so strained and it becomes hard to focus.

It makes it harder to be on the phone or computer and sometimes it’s necessary as everything is online now. Most things you want to learn or need to learn to have a good life are on your phone. On top of that reading books even has become way easier to buy digital versions and read on a kindle or tablet or wherever.

Not gonna lie…

I’m not going to lie the main reason I initially got my blue light glasses was because I saw some cute $6 glasses while browsing Amazon and was like okay I’m going to try these finally. These are too cute not to get!

Well, these glasses have become my fav accessory lol!

I think they are super cute <3 and I’m not sure if it’s like one of those placebo effects but I really do feel a difference when I wear them during the day. I at least feel like my eyes don’t get as strained or tired as much.

Con For Me…

The only thing I find a little annoying, is after a few hours my ears feel sore from the little parts that go over your ears and I have to take them off for a bit. I’m not sure if my ears are just super sensitive to be honest…but I don’t think so because I have glasses I wear to drive at night and they don’t make my ears sore. BUT also I don’t normally drive for super long at night so who knows.

In summation, yay or nay? It’s a yay for me.

All I know is the glasses are cute and I personally feel like they are helping! I think I will get more because they have so many cute cheap options.

Let me know if you use these types of glasses and if they help you as well or maybe I’m just a psycho.


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