Stop Asking Others Why They Don’t Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend…

I can never understand why people think this question is prudent to ask others.

I really don’t think it’s anyones business to know this about someone else. If you’re friends, then you probably already know this about your friends. If you’re not, then the person is probably not a friend and hence no reason it’s your business.

But just in case you are still wondering why someone might not have a boyfriend/girlfriend…here are potential reasons so that you could stop fucking asking.

1. They just don’t want one

From personal experience and infrequent dating I can tell you I’m in my early 30’s and single af. It’s not from lack of guys, there are plenty out there I’m sure. I just hate dating. I have been single and happy for so long and haven’t found anyone awesome enough that makes me want to change that.

Some people love the independent feel and being self-sufficient without having someone to “take care of them”. And now a days with how far the world has come, you can even have kids on your own without a spouse. I know I have plans to become a Single Mother By Choice one day, others might too. Or Single Father By Choice…who knows. So stop caring so much.

2. Maybe they are emotionally unavailable due to a prior relationship

Some people maybe are going through a break-up. Everyone goes through break-ups or those phases on their own timeline and maybe those people just don’t want to date and would rather work on themselves. Who knows for sure?

What I do know is I’m pretty sure constantly asking this type of person why they aren’t with someone makes them want to throat punch the person asking.

3. Maybe they are dating someone and don’t want others to know

Keeping relationships on the DL is dependent on preference and maybe they don’t find it relevant to be sharing with every freaking person they come across that they are dating and getting laid consistently. Why do they need to? Some people don’t care to publicize or shout to the world that they are finally in a relationship or dating. It’s a personal experience so let it be their personal experience.

All I know is every time someone asks me why I’m not with someone it’s super annoying. It’s like suddenly you have to give someone a full explanation or philosophy on your life and plans and what not, when sorry it’s nobodies business and if you were close enough to that person then you would know their details.

So do the world and the single people a favor and stop asking this stupid question.


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