Just Stop Dieting

Dieting is horrible. As an emotional eater who constantly gets funks, finding a solution always seems to be to eat healthier and get those endorphins.

Since dieting is hard but for some reason fasting from different foods or things during Lent is possible for me, I thought it would be a smart idea to make a Jesus commitment like during Lent.

I would eat only salads with either chicken or salmon and whatever veggies and fruits I wanted as I got hungry. No soda. Only water or unsweetened iced tea/black coffee.

I would also do a few miles on the treadmill every day and this workout video that I love doing because I usually see results after a few times of doing it. AND I feel it. Hardcore.

Well, it didn’t pan out the way I wanted.

I did super well for about two days. But I hated life.

I already had funks before randomly but while on this commitment fast, it was worse. I was so miserable from the lack of good food which even though emotional eating is shit, at least for those few minutes it’s delicious. I hadn’t exercised in so long for long periods of time that my body was killing me.

It was so bad that I couldn’t even get comfortable in bed so felt like I wasn’t sleeping at all. So then felt even worse throughout the day.

That’s when I decided making this commitment was not worth it to me. Sorry Jesus. Since Jesus loves me he understands though.

If you want to get in shape and get those moods in check, the best route is small consistent changes.

Small changes you can try:

  • If you love sodas and find yourself drinking a few a day, try letting yourself only have ONE and you can plan what part of your day you will enjoy your soda. One soda or bad beverage a day is doable. Other drinks you can do is of course water or tea (try zero calorie water flavoring)
  • When you use the bathroom, try adding a few squats before or after you do your business. Before is easier, maybe like 5. Doesn’t seem like much, but hey if you use the bathroom like 5 times a day…that is 25 squats and each week amounts to like 175.
  • Go for mini walks. This is my new favorite thing. My little yard where I live is small but at some point in the day, the little walk is nice. I let the pups roam and put on a nice little podcast and a timer.
  • Try adding fruit as a snack during the day. Or veggies. This one is so small but makes you feel healthier, or at least for me that is what happens.
  • Add some supplements/vitamins to your daily habits. Some time during your day, you can make it a habit to take your sups.
  • Every day have a pep talk/reflection talk about what you did that day that was small and good for you. What you could maybe do the next day.

Here is the thing, making huge commitments for super quick results sucks. I’m not saying it’s not doable because it is and solely depends on your self-control and determination.

I’m obviously weak.

But whether you believe it or not, small consistent changes will get you there. Even if you cut only a few calories from your daily normal routing, over time that will add up to some poundage lost. That’s really all you need.

I get it, you want it ASAP. But those small changes versus consistency dieting and then cheating big time which cancels out the good you did, well the small changes will always win.

AND, you won’t feel deprived or out of control. You won’t feel like you hate life. Just believe in yourself.

You can do this. Also, your body is awesome! Look at all it does for you. Little changes, baby. That’s all we need.


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