If You Talk To Others Then You Should Probably Read This Book

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I have a Kindle Unlimited membership and have been trying to benefit by reading anything that is included. 

This is the latest book I just finished reading and I think anyone who talks to others probably should read it.

Have you ever had someone vent to you or share a frustration and you gave unsolicited advice afterward? 

I’m pretty sure everyone has at least a couple of times. I especially hate when I’ve done it and then realized afterwards that I would be annoyed (and have actually been) if I vented to someone just to be heard and they ended up giving me solutions.


This book I Hear You is all about validation and how to validate others and also a few tips on how to validate yourself.

It has examples and explains why it’s important to validate.

As you are reading this, you may remember conversations you’ve had where you wish you were validated and/or where you wished you would have validated others…

I once heard someone say that it’s smart to have a few books that are insightful to read over and over and I think this is one of those self-help books that I am adding to my “Constantly Read” list. 

I especially liked the book because it wasn’t too long and even though it wasn’t, it had all the info you could possibly need.

If you have Kindle Unlimited and can read it for free, then it could totally benefit all of your conversations and even better your friendships to read this and absorb it’s brilliant contents!


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