The Best Christmas Movie To Watch

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If your as obsessed with the romantic hallmark type movies as am I, then I am here to guide you to (if you haven’t already seen it) the best one of them all 💕

It’s called The 9 Lives of Christmas!

I think I first saw part of this movie on Lifetime one night as I was trying to go to sleep. I started to get sucked in but then had to sleep because I had an early work morning the next day and I didn’t get to finish it.

I woke up with that feeling of I wonder how that movie ended…

I then went on a quest to find the movie and ended up buying it because it was the only option… renting wasn’t available. 

I thought it was a little crazy to buy this movie just to see the end but now I know it was the best investment of my life as I put this movie on almost every night as my own personal night light/entry into dreamworld 😂.

I’m not sure what the heck I love about this movie… well besides the hunk 🤤and I guess story line of woman who finally changes this guys pre non-commital mindset because she’s the one who gets him to commit 😂 you know that toxic “I was the one to change him” type of exception most girls dream of…

Because other than that it’s about cats and I’m not really a cat person… 

But I still think this is the best Christmas movie ever!

Please watch it and tell me what you think. I need to know if I’m crazy or not 😂

Not that that will make me stop watching this movie every night before falling asleep.

Also, in December I got the best Christmas present when I realized (years later…not sure how this happened) there was a sequel made in I think like 2020 or 2021 that I didn’t know of until December 2022! 😳

That one is called The 9 Kittens of Christmas!

I loved that they used the same people except the way the story line started was annoying because happily ever after continuing from the first movie obviously was lacking in the beginning.

Oh and also I was wondering what happened to the 764 dogs Marilees sister and her husband housed in the first movie…👀 did she get rid of them? 😅

Also, what the hell happened to Harriet’s cat allergy (spoiler alert coming) as her and her husband adopt two cats in the sequel and I didn’t see any Benadryl around 👀

Just curious…



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