The Best “Detangler”!

Okay, so obviously sharing the things I use and like is my opinion, and not everyone will agree probably or might have better products they support, but as long as you are aware that this what works for me, then I’m good.


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Okay, so I haven’t tried a whole bunch of detanglers, so there is a chance there might be a better one out there I just don’t know about.

While I probably shouldn’t share this, I’m kind of lazy-ish … or better put, I try and make life/adulting as easy for me as I can.

When I find something I’m into & that works pretty good for me, that’s it, and I will then try and stick with it until I can.

I do this to mostly save my energy on other cooler stuff that is more important to me.


Moreover, I tried a couple other detanglers besides this product, which is actually a leave-in conditioner, and I hate how some are sticky or feel sticky after using them.

For some reason, this is the best product I’ve found and it just detangles my hair pretty darn good. I love it and have stuck with it for a while now because of how good it does it’s job.

This is the leave-in conditioner, aka detangler I’m raving about.

I used to detangle my hair in the shower because it’s a pain in my flat butt … or I should say, it used to be a pain in my flat butt to detangle my hair after or outside the shower.

However, after finding this detangler, I now take pretty fast showers as I don’t have to detangle my hair in the shower anymore.

It’s made the detangling part of my life much simpler, lol.

So, I’m not sure if the way I detangle is what helps this spray work better, but I usually wrap my hair in a regular thin towel right after getting out of the shower.

Then I normally spend like 7 hours looking at a wall, jk … though sometimes I do just stay in a towel for ages as life goes by when it’s the weekend or I have nothing to do.


But on a productive day, once I change, I take my hair out of the regular towel. Since I untangle my hair by splitting it in left side / right side, I will spray the detangler that way.

In other words, I spray it on the top of my left side of split hair, and then I will also lift my left side split hair to spray it under the hair. Then I do that with the right side also.

After that, I have one of those hair towels that I use, and wrap my hair up again ( I love this towel because it’s light and just helps dry my hair a great deal more while it’s on).

This is the towel I’m talking about …

I have thick hair so my hair sometimes is a pain to dry, and I don’t like drying it with the hair dryer when it’s super wet, so this towel helps.

I shared the towel too in case you also want to try it. I have other hair specific towels too that I think I got like at Walmart, but those while nifty too, don’t dry my hair as good as this one.

Anywho, after spraying the detangler the way I shared, I then put my hair back up in this other hair wrap towel (the towel I’m talking about that I really love is the gray one in the pic, actually).

Then I leave my hair up for at least 7-15 minutes, and by the time I take it down to actually detangle, the comb like seriously just glides though my hair most days.

I comb through and detangle the left side and then right, and then I comb my hair all the way back together.

I say most days because there have been days where I leave my hair up longer after spraying the detangler ( like 30 minutes or more for context) and since it dries more, once I put it down to detangle, it doesn’t glide as smooth once my hair is much drier.


If that sounds confusing, sorry.

(Irrelevant, but I like these combs because I feel like they do less damage or don’t rip through your hair like other untangling tools.)

After detangling my hair, depending on how wet it is, I will usually throw it back up in the gray cool hair towel to dry more until I can blow dry it, because as I shared that towel is legit and dries it better before blow drying.

On another note, I recently bought a hair dryer and so far it’s legit amazing, mostly because since like I said, I try and save my time/energy for important things, and this dryer somehow dries my hair super fast. It’s pretty crazy.

It’s this one in case you also want to try it, and prove me wrong. 👁👄👁

Not going to lie, I’m not sure why it’s saying it’s $99.99 now, when I got it a couple weeks ago, it was like $56.

Okay, that’s it for today.

Let me know if you try any of these things I use, and how it/they work(s) for you.

Okay, crazy lady out. ✌🏻


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