11 Genius Work From Home Must-Haves That Will Make Your Life Easier

If you’re looking to make your work from home set up more functional to make life easier then check out these work from home must-haves that I personally use! Some of these items are multi-purpose which makes them even better!

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Working from home is not for everybody, but those who love it know that making your area functional makes life a little bit easier! I personally use my work area as my personal work area as well, like for working on my own things unrelated to my 9-5 job, so I love that I’m able to use the same things for both!

These are the things I use almost daily for my work-from-home and personal work area that makes working at my desk a lot nicer!

1. This aesthetically pleasing desk that has a drawer, cupboard, and enough space for all your computers!

I love my desk!

Besides how beautiful it is, the desk space lets me fit my personal laptop, work laptop, and a monitor I use for both! Also, the cabinet is pretty big!

2. This keyboard that is thin so it makes it easy to type & also lets you set up 3 devices to it!

work from home essentials

Thanks to being able to set up to 3 devices to this bluetooth keyboard, I’m able to use it back and forth between my work and personal laptop with the press of a button! Talk about functional! I love how thin it is and how the buttons feel!

3. These Memory Foam resting pads that help prevent or alleviate wrist pain after typing for a lot of hours!

Not sure if I’m getting old or working my little wrists to the bone, but after so many hours of typing, my wrists usually hurt pretty bad if I don’t use these!

These are “ercolnomically” correct. 😌

4. This super cute and appropriately sized phone holder!

I love listening to my Audible’s, podcasts, or music and I really find it useful to have a phone holder right in my line of sight, just in case I need to skip or pause what I’m listening to!

I got this one as a gift from my niece, and I love how short it is! I have another one I use too on my nightstand when sleeping, but not on my desk! I prefer this one for my desk because it doesn’t cover the middle monitor!

I found this exact one on the Walmart site! I also found this similar one on Amazon but it’s not Milly the Owl, it’s Sailor the Seal! 😭 Equally cute though!

5. These large angle adjustable monitor risers that also have storage!

I love that these risers have 2 storage compartments on top of the desk giving me more storage space!

These risers could be placed in various ways! The way I have these set up is for a monitor in the center spot to use with both my personal and work lap top! I have my personal laptop on the left and my work laptop on the right!

I love these because I get short breaks during my regular work day and sometimes want to use my personal laptop on those breaks without moving my space around! The way I have these placed makes it easy to use both when I need!

6. These super cute laptop stands that have a spot for your wireless keyboard and that could be flipped vertically to save space!

These stands are so beautiful and also I like that they have a spot to place my wireless keyboard when I’m not using it! And they fit perfectly on the risers and match my desk!

7. This badass tumbler that feels so good!


This is the coolest cup and mostly because of how it feels! OMG! This cup for me has been like similar to a tension ball you squeeze, but instead it’s me just rubbing all the pointy little pokies surrounding this cup!

It’s soothing when I’m having an overwhelming day and need to disassociate for a couple minutes. And at the same time, it helps me drink that H20 … well, flavored H20, I should say.

Oh, and it’s so beautiful! 😍

8. This adorable candy dish for when you need a fix!

I love having a candy dish on my desk for those days when I want to chew my nails for some reason and need a diversion. I’ve mostly broken the nail chewing habit, but every once in a while it tries to haunt me again! I also have this because sometimes a girl’s just gotta treat her self.

Plus the Werthers Original “Sugar Free” candies I usually eat are only 45 calories for 5 of them. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Score!!

9. These cushions for your back and booty!

My chair is from Ikea and I love the color and how it spins, so haven’t wanted to get rid of it … though there were some days months ago that I was super close to trading this baby in. So many hours sitting on this chair starting taking a toll on my flat butt and back!

That is until I got these little babies aka support cushions! I use one for my back and one for my booty! And they truly help! If you have the same issue with your trusty old chair, you may want to try cushions first before dropping some hundos on a new chair. 😏

Click this for the booty cushion!

Click this for the back cushion!

10. These hot noise cancellation headphones that stay charged for a pretty long time!

I have to do transcriptions sometimes and I found these noise canceling headphones on Amazon! I tried these based on the reviews and price, and they’re what I use now.

Sometimes when I want to be around people but be productive aka in the living room with family, I use these and put on some rain or waves sounds and take a reading adventure. Jk most of the books I read are non fiction LOL.

Jk again, they are still an adventure.

11. These 2-Tier Drawer Organizer Bins that help me fit a lot more goodies in my desk drawers!

Sometimes you want as much storage space as you can get, and these little handy dandy organizers are a dream! It’s a tray within a tray, here let me show you the pictures so you could see what I mean! They’re very handy though, I promise!

Okay, well that’s all I got for this post! Some of these things might seem silly to some people, but I love my office set up essentials!

It truly does make my life easier having things I use for multiple purposes that are also aesthetically pleasing and very functional!

Let me know if you try any of these, or if you’re already using them, let me know how YOU like them so far!

“Caio.” – Kevin imitating Gabe. 😘


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