The Best Long Sleeve Shirt!

I don’t really like my arms or showing them off lately. Not sure if it’s because I shave them usually (and lately have been lazy) because they’re super hairy, or what the reason is per se.

Also, I’m not saying I never wear short sleeves, because every once in a while when there is a rainbow in the sky I decide ‘what the heck, let’s show these stubbly puppies off’ …

But for the most part, you will catch me in a long sleeve shirt, preferably a black one. Though lately I have purchased some gray and maroon ones, and maybe even a mint one. 🙂

Finding long sleeves when all you like to wear are long sleeves is hard sometimes, because unless you find one that’s just perfect and exactly to your liking, usually different brands make them different.

Some are thicker, or longer, or shorter, or don’t have the little V-cut and go up high and it looks like you’re allergic to the sun … no thanks to those (though I think I do have one).

Anywho, in the last two years I have found what I consider is the best long sleeve for me.

If you are like me who prefer long sleeves, let me tell you that Aeropostale has what I consider to be the best ones. They’re specifically the ‘Long Sleeve Seriously Soft V-Neck Tee’.

They’re comfy and inexpensive, the perfect length and they have the little V-cut and are thin enough to not feel so hot.

I think they are perfect, or at least they’ve been perfect for me.

So much so that I usually buy like 6/7 of them every few months because I’m terrified they’re going to get rid of them.

I’m not affiliated with Aero at all FYI, though that would be nice.

But here is a pic of me in one of these babies, and if you want to go see it on the website click here or the pic!

Love, Loops.


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