Fun way to speak better Spanish

I’m fluent in Spanish, but before when I used to speak Spanish one – my vocabulary was limited, because I mostly would speak English unless I HAD to speak Spanish, and two – I would speak it very fast and it was not eloquent like the way I see the pretty girls talk in the novelas AKA Mexican soaps I watch.

That was when I realized that in order to speak like they do in the novela’s, eloquently and clearly, I had to speak like them, duh.

I don’t do this all the time, but when alone I try and pick a character in the novela I’m watching at the moment, and I basically mock everything they say & how they say it. Like anytime they say anything, I’ll say what they just said.

They just have a nice slow fancy way of talking where you are better able to understand them, and just if ever having a discussion with someone, that’s the way you want to speak … nice and slow and not rushing through the convo, which is how I would speak Spanish before.

Plus, while novela’s are pretty fun to watch if you know what’s going on, I’m sure not understanding and just watching what’s going on is also kind of fun, especially while learning Spanish on the side. You slowly figure it out as you’re learning.

They’re filled with the classic drama and some are pretty funny or have funny parts LOL.

Also, I have to admit the more you watch novela’s, the better your vocabulary tends to get. At least that’s what’s happened to me since really delving in and trying to absorb what and how they speak.

Try this out for a couple of weeks and let me know how it works out and if it’s helped.

I do have to say, sometimes the endings of the novela’s you’re watching are not the best or they sometimes, or I should say most times, leave issues or character drama unresolved that ends up frustrating you.

  • Amarte es mi Pecado. You will really enjoy Casilda’s character (though very sad at times) and the evil step mom’s whistles and teeth lipstick LOL.
  • Gata Salvaje. You will get so annoyed at the main guy in this because he’s so controlling, but there’s some slap scenes in this that are amazing LOL.
  • Sortilejio. William Levy, need I say more? Although it’s said he cheats on his wife constantly or has, and that’s very disappointing. But also, the banter between the elderly house help in this novela is pretty entertaining.
  • Primer Amor. The main guy in this, I’m pretty sure, was my first life crush swoon.
  • Lo Que La Vida Me Robo. I love the main couple in this. Their chemistry is amazing, which is prob why they’re together in real life. “How romantic” – in girl from Blended shimming voice. IYKYK.

That’s it for now, bye.


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