Trying To Keep My Gallbladder

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Chance Piedra , Probiotics, and Enzymes

Earlier in the year of 2020 I posted a Youtube video of Living with Gallstones. If you came across this page through there…Hello, this is an update to that video. Since that video I haven’t had any more gallbladder attacks.

If you haven’t seen that video and would like to, here is a link.

When I recorded that video I mentioned three supplements I was taking to try and stop my gallbladder attacks and prevent having my gallbladder removed.

I stopped taking two of them consistently because the enzyme one, I wasn’t sure was helping and I thought was giving me a little stomach discomfort.

The probiotic, I want to start taking again. I stopped taking that one out of pure laziness. But while I’m not sure if it helped with my attacks it did help me regulate my bowel movements.

Here is the probiotic I mentioned in case you are interested:

Those little babies are better than other probiotics I’ve tried and made that part of my day consistent…which as you get older you realize makes you happy. 😬 TMI- my bad.

Side note: My mom had her gallbladder removed right before I started having my attacks. I think it’s genetic. After removal, she has had a few issues with digestion/stomach issues when she eats certain foods which is common in some people who have it removed.

After seeing my Mom having issues even after having her gallbladder removed, I kind of freaked out. I just picture myself out on a date and getting diarrhea after eating a salad or something and am like “no thanks”.

So, I don’t really want to have mine removed unless I absolutely have to.

The third supplement is what I think helped my gallbladder attacks. The pills are called Chanca Piedra and I had read about people with gallbladder issues taking them as they supposedly break up the stones (in the name itself “Stone Breaker”).

I imagine as the stones pass (if they produce an attack or as the bile moves through you) since the stones are broken/smaller after taking the supplement for a while, it doesn’t hurt as much since they are smaller when they pass and or maybe they don’t pass since they are smaller.

I’m not 100%, but that’s the theory I have in my little weird head.

The pills that I believe stopped my attacks:

I am not a medical professional (important for you to know) so I’m not exactly sure besides the research I’ve done on them to tell you more specifics. I suggest if you want more information before trying them yourself that you do your own research and consult your physician- don’t just go by my personal experience.

All I know is I took those 3 supplements for a few months, and then only continued taking Chanca Piedra, and after a few months I felt I was back to normal. After that, I started adding foods again slowly that initially made me have attacks, and found they weren’t happening anymore. They just stopped.

A lot of people ask me if I’ve had an ultrasound to see if the stones are still there or if there size is different … I haven’t because I stopped having attacks and also have to pay something for that even with my insurance, so I don’t care to do that and confirm if they’re there or not. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Plus, most people have stones, they just don’t cause issues.

In my opinion, I think those pills broke my stones enough where when they pass it’s maybe not painful, or maybe they broke the stones enough where when I eat the bad stuff it doesn’t block anything if they are smaller now. I’m not sure, but I’m just a happy girl who stopped having attacks.

I’m really hoping that others who research these supplements and/or try them could have similar positive results and stop having gallbladder attacks as well.

Only those who experience those devil attacks will know the struggle. Mine would last about 3 hours each time, which to me felt like an eternity already. But I’ve read some cases where people will have attacks that last days or over 3 hours, and that just makes me sad.

It’s a struggle that really made me hate my life for a while. You become afraid of eating at all, at least I did, which led to losing some hair (not cool). So I really just want to help those going through it.

I want to add that when I was having attacks there were only certain foods that I found I could eat without worrying about having an attack. In case they help, I will tell you what foods they were:

  • Chicken soup with rice (I believe Campbells)
  • Special K with cinnamon cereal + vanilla almond milk
  • 3-4 saltine crackers at a time

I can’t stress this enough—–> keep a food log.

Surprisingly that is the best way to keep track of attacks. Be specific when you log them. I would log in the pain level and the start and end time of each attack to calculate how long they would last.

Sometimes when you start having an attack, knowing the max amount of time attacks normally last for you weirdly helps you mentally prepare yourself for how long you will be in pain. As weird as that sounds.

Feel free to ask me questions in the comments!

God bless and good luck with your stones. I really hope you get rid of those a-holes.

I read the book, and had planned on doing the flush after if the supplements didn’t work. Luckily for me, I assume the Chanca Piedra did its thing as I stopped having attacks.

But here is the book in case you want to check out and read about the flush!


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20 thoughts on “Trying To Keep My Gallbladder

  1. Thank God I found u first I’ve heard of this I have been suffering a long time now and reading reviews I feel hopeful

    1. Yes, the internet was my friend when I was having attacks. πŸ™ Different forums will have different people mentioning different relief methods they used that worked or didn’t work for them. It’s hard because everyone is diff and what works or doesn’t work for someone might work for you.

  2. Hi! I have been having frequent gallbladder attacks and I just feel like it’s gotten to the point where I can’t enjoy anything I like with our being afraid or even enjoying it. Do you have any tips to help during a gallbladder attack? And where did you buy the stone breaker pills? Please advise. Thank you!
    Also, what kind of symptoms did your mom have after she removed her gallbladder. I’m debating if I should take mine out due to so many frequent attacks.

    1. Hi πŸ™ I’m sorry. I remember when I felt like that and just miserable and scared to eat. During an attack, honestly I tried different relief methods I had seen online and they didn’t personally work for me but I know everyone is diff. I know one I kept seeing was to drink apple cider vinegar, this didn’t work for me personally but I ddi read it had worked for others. I just remember knowing my attacks lasted a max of three hours and I would pace around because laying down for me hurt. I didn’t have a good heating pad at the time, but maybe look up heating pads with good reviews and if you could search in the written reviews maybe see if anyone specifically mentions gallbladder attack relief. This is kind of weird, but I do remember I would use my door and grip the trim and I would do stretches standing up in the door way and sometimes I felt like that relieved a tiny bit. Hope you feel better πŸ™

      My mom is always having issues (it almost seems every week every few days) where she says her tummy just is bloated and even though she is very picky with what she says because of that and tries to eat the same thing every day, she still has some days where she says it just feels uncomfortable and not like her old normal. She things it’s because of having it removed as it seemed to have started after that, can’t say it’s that 100% but that is just one of the reasons why I don’t want mine removed and risk still having issues and never feeling normal.

  3. Hi, did you get an ultra sound of your liver and gallblader? My pain is under my rib right side, feels like coming thru my back. They did a full blood work up to check everythinG, but this started6/16, it’s daily whether food or not. Odd right, heat helps on my back, waiting to get ultra sound. Thanks for any feedback .

    1. Hi,

      It’s been a couple of years now since I’ve had an attack (knock on wood)…but I do know that the few times I went to the ER for the pain, they did do ultrasounds. I don’t remember the results. Is it at the same time when it starts to hurt? That is odd. I hope you feel better. I’m glad that you have found heat works, finding relief is complicated but when you do it helps! Did you get the ultrasound results back?

  4. I started off with urine infection..
    Then I was had an x-ray and was told I have gall stones .
    I always wondered why my tummy had a bulge and refused to go done since I had joined gym .
    I will read up about these tablets thanks a lot as I suffer from epilepsy I have to be careful of what I take .
    Thanks 😊 so much .

    1. OMG! Yes, please be careful. I don’t know if you have heard of the gallbladder flush? This doctor I think wrote a book, but I want to say a lot of people swear by that too! And I think it may be more natural ingredients, like what you have to take to perform it. But I don’t remember exactly. You are welcome! πŸ™ Yeah, I’ve had a bulge too but mine is from my unhealthy diet. I eat a lot of fast food. I’m trying to handle it though because I got blood work done a few months ago, and a lot of my levels (including sugars) were super high and not in the norm range. And nowadays it’s like everything processes is said to cause inflammation to your body. *insert annoyed emoji here* πŸ˜€

    1. I bought them on Amazon. They are the ones I linked there. I got that link from my previous order history on Amazon. I had tried this other brand before those, but I stopped taking those because they were capsules and one day I noticed when I was getting a pill out that the capsule was bent and pointy (not sure if that makes sense)? Like you know how capsules look “plasticky” and the supplement they contain is inside the capsule container? This sounds weird. LOL. But anyway, the actual capsule was like bent and pointy like and that freaked me out, because I was thinking when it goes through you like I wonder if that can happen while your body is processing the capsule and I like to think worst case scenarios, and kept picturing capsules getting bend inside me and cutting through organs. LMAO. Anywho, then I decided I would only ingest tablets. πŸ˜›

  5. I loved your article . I suffer from gallbladder attacks but was tested for stones and they said there were none . I can’t seem to enjoy food of any kind . I have Ben low carb for so long. Hard to wrap by head around rice white bread and bananas

    1. Honestly, the first time I started having attacks, I didn’t know what was going on. I told my doctor and I had first thought it was endometriosis or possibly this other thing that happens when you ovulate. I forget what it’s called but it’s pretty much how some women can feel when they ovulate and it’s super painful. I noticed the first few attacks were around when I was ovulating (knew this from the period tracker app I use) so that’s why I thought that. My doctor sent me to do an ultrasound and that ultrasound didn’t show anything.

      It wasn’t until I was having a bad attack once that I finally wanted to go to the ER, and there they ran a bunch of tests and did another ultrasound. They were the ones who told me it was gallstones. I’m not saying your results are wrong, but just an FYI. You never know and some diagnosis aren’t “accurate” all the time.

    1. Do you have to take pills for the cleanse you do? I never did the gallbladder flush that I read about in this doctor’s book, but I always planned that if I started having attacks again, my plan of action would be to try the pills again and do that gallbladder flush.

  6. How long did it take for you to notice that you weren’t having attacks anymore and that u could start to incorporate foods again?

    1. Honestly, I don’t want to lie to you because I don’t remember exactly. But if I had to guess, I’d say prob like 1-3 months. I just decided to try something bad like fast food one day and it didn’t do anything and then I tried more and more bad stuff and I just never got an attack again. So, I just assumed the pills worked for me.

  7. Hi i too have gbstone and attack is oh my god i can even imagine.. it really gives buring sensation along with pain especially during evening time.
    I am in dilemma whether to go for surgery or not.
    But after reading and listening to your story i think i will try to live with it. But the attack makes me think for removal of gbstone 😬😬😬..

    Thanks for uploading your story. It gives courage to people to deal with their problem.

    1. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this! Honestly, I wouldn’t blame you to just get it removed, that’s what my mom did. But she had attacks way before me and then shortly after I started having attacks, and I wish I would have had attacks when she had hers so I could have had her try these pills to see if they would have saved her from getting her GB removed. I hope you are okay, and that you have the same outcome as I did. I’m hoping I never have attacks again. I really think what initially caused the attacks or stones to cause me issues is these crazy diets I used to do months before my attacks started, but I don’t plan on doing crazy starving diets anymore, heck no. :O God bless you and I wish you health and happiness.

    1. Hi! I’m sorry about that. I just updated my post and included all three supps I discuss towards the very top! πŸ™‚ Hope that helps!