Cleaned My Room

I tend to get the blues a good amount of time or go through funks it feels like quite often lately. I know now that sometimes this is due to my period or if my surroundings are cluttered or not clean. Clutter sometimes helps convince or remind me that my life isn’t in order.

Sometimes I think well I’m not motivated and they say you shouldn’t wait until you have motivation to get things done because it’s useless. However, sometimes when you are in that weird funk you don’t care and you just can’t.

It’s hard to just get stuff done. The easiest way for me to slowly get it all together has been to pay attention during the day when I do get little bursts of productive energy (it comes and goes during the day) and to use it to my advantage.

Today for some reason I finally looked around me, saw my dirty space, and got that burst of energy and so decided to organize, clean, and declutter my filthy room.

Right now since I have so much junk to get rid of, my idea of decluttering has sometimes been to put stuff I no longer need/want in a donation box I have in my garage. I need to check with COVID if I can still drop off like before to the Salvation Army, and so since I haven’t checked yet I have just been putting those items in a box for now.

OR, the alternative if it is something I still want or use is to stuff it in these storage bins that I have in my shelves or to stuff said item in my closet. Out of sight, out of mind type of deal.

I am obviously going to eventually organize those shelves/bins or closet, but I’m taking baby steps as I go since I have been a little out of it.

I find that taking a picture of your dirty room helps in the cleaning mindset/process. So today I took a panorama of my ugly dirty room to see in image form what a mess I had and also to get an idea of what to separate all the tasks as.

I used Trello and decided to make a board for Cleaning.

In that Trello board I made lists for the different rooms I wanted to clean. Today, it’s just my bedroom.

But as I was adding THAT list, I decided to also make lists for the other rooms I want to eventually tackle so I can reference or add tasks as I choose.

The list for today was obviously for my room. I looked around my room and at the panorama I took and started adding cards based on small tasks I could tackle.

For some reason, it made it easier mentally for me to separate everything in smaller cleaning tasks.

I then got to cleaning/decluttering and focused on one of those tasks at a time, the easiest ones first of course.

As I was going and getting stuff done, I would move my cards in the bedroom list to a different “You did it!” list I also made.

By the end of the cleaning process, I am not sure how long it took because this time I didn’t set a timer but I had managed to move everything off the bedroom list.

I felt so proud! Cleaning feels so good. Decluttering feels so good. Honestly, sometimes when you feel like your life is not in order I think the best thing to do is to declutter or clean something.

As soon as you see what you cleaned, you get this feeling of accomplishment and it makes you feel like you might not have your whole life in order but it’s totally doable!

Here is the panorama I took of the room after it was done and it’s such an improvement.

I swear after seeing my clean room I was like I CAN DO ANYTHING!

Still in that mindset, I decided to put on some workout clothes and am now going to work out ( I just got these new Forever 21 pants and Amazon sports bras delivered today so was excited to see how they looked).

So tell me, is there something you need to get done or want to get done that you have been putting off? Like maybe cleaning or decluttering a room or working towards any goal really? Lets try to dissect that specific challenge in super small tasks so you can slowly but surely get it done!

I believe in you!


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