My New Routine To Get In Shape

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So I did something.

Guess who fixed her treadmill?

Yes, you read that right. If you have read my prior posts about my sick/dead treadmill you know that I’ve been struggling without it. Well I finally decided to open that bad boy up (sorry Treadmillius) and analyze his insides.

Now, I really wasn’t sure what I was doing besides just touching wires to try to make myself feel like I was doing something. I checked to see there was nothing loose or unplugged. I then (thanks to internet references), checked the fuse.

The fuse was burned out.

I saw this and was so grateful that I didn’t buy a new treadmill. Imagine I would have spent $2,700 for no reason!

So now, I can run again!

So, what now?

I’m obviously not planning on running 5 miles right off the bat because I’m not sure if I can or will want to yet. I’ve decided that I will start with running one mile for 3-5 days, then 2 miles for 3-5 days, and so on until I get to running 5 miles every day again.

But if I do feel like I could run more than my plan then I will! I need to re-read David Goggins’ Can’t Hurt Me!

It’s a little crazy the way he pushes himself but I’m crazy so we will see how motivated I get and maybe I will run more than initially planned!

I’m so excited! I’m excited to see my initial body transition slowly to a body that will have me feeling better physically and mentally again.

The Plan

  • Run daily (1-5 miles per day, end goal is 5 per day) wearing my new cool Forever 21 work out pants and my awesome shirts from amazon!!! I love them so much! I can’t find the shirts anymore on Amazon, but I found it via this other merchants website. Click here for the shirt!
  • This is a little strange but I bought smaller plates because even though I’m not going to modify my food I am going to try and have smaller servings on some days. I haven’t got them yet but these are the ones I bought!
  • Document and take pictures of the whole journey on a private instagram I made

I’m not going to start modifying my diet hardcore yet until I get into running consistently for a while and then I will deal with that. Usually after I have an exercise routine going, the eating healthier part is easier for me to incorporate.

I will try to be more conscious of substituting little snacks or my Slim Fast shakes if I can throughout the day, and/or trying to eat smaller portions.

Are you looking to get in shape whether for confidence or because you want to feel better physically? What are your plans or what have you been doing already towards that?


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