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When I decided to start blogging, I never really considered the legal side of it. It wasn’t until I started watching more and more videos of other bloggers or reading their blogs where they give new bloggers advice that I realized there are certain things you must legally disclose on your blog or you could potentially get sued or banned from participating in affiliate programs or other opportunities to monetize.

I freaked out for a while and even thought of maybe not blogging because the anxiety it was giving me just thinking of the legal documents I needed to come up with to disclose on my blog was too much.

I read advice from internet searches somewhere saying that you could find free versions of the documents needed to share and then later was informed that there are actually free plug-ins that could generate the pages needed.

I did that and downloaded a free plug-in from WordPress to protect me with what I needed and generated the pages. However, for a while I still kept feeling anxious thinking that the plug-in quality was probably not going to cut it if I ever really wanted to start monetizing.

The more I found bloggers I liked and read their advice/help for starting a blog the more I noticed a resource in common. It was a lawyer who also blogged and who for a fee would provide you with the documents needed to legally protect your blog.

I kept seeing the same suggestion for legally protecting your blog. It was Amira and her site A Self Guru. It was obvious that if the professional bloggers were recommending Amira and her legal packages and templates and even showing that they used her services for their own blogs, then that was the best route to go.

I look up to some bloggers and would eventually like to grow my blog if all works out and wouldn’t mind even a tiny bit of their success and to do that I would want to have their same legal protection.

So, I made the purchase. I chose the starter legal bundle as that was what I found myself needing at the moment and kept thinking I’m going to download these templates and it’s going to be such a headache to put everything on my blog and properly fill them out to reflect my blog and content.

Well, after opening her templates all the stress I had went away. Her templates really are amazing and so easy to use. She also has super simple instructions to fill out her templates and it ended up not taking much time to get them all filled out and posted on my blog.

The relief I feel now buying her legal templates and adding them to my blog really is the peace of mind I needed to be able to focus on actual blogging.

If you are interested in Amira at A Self Guru to help protect your blog now or future blog here is a link to her bundles and services.

Click here to check out Amira’s legal templates if you want to see her bundle packages for yourself!

The one I purchased was the Starter Legal Bundle!

I hope this information helps you with your blog or if you are thinking of starting a blog.

How about it, are you thinking of starting a blog of your own? I would love to know. I’m still in the learning stages myself as there is a lot to take in and learn with blogging but could maybe help even a tiny bit.


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