I Hate Spiders But Dream About Them All The Time

I am not a bug person. Most people aren’t but it seems some people are able to at least tolerate seeing bugs or being around them. Anything that crawls or insects that fly, no thanks. I’m terrified of spiders and bees, wasps, hornets, etc. I wish I was allergic to the latter to explain how crazy I get when they are around me but unfortunately I’m not. I’m just a pansy ass.

It all started when…

I’m not sure when it started to the exact date but about 7 or 8 years ago I started having spider dreams. I initially thought that it was due to me taking Zzzquil because one of the potential side effects says hallucinations. But there were times when I wouldn’t take any and still would find myself waking up to those deuchbags.

The dreams

The dreams are not exactly the same each time but the scenario is pretty similar. It usually consists of me looking up and then I see a spider clearly coming down from the ceiling. I then usually freeze up and after a bit get up because I suddenly can’t see anything since it’s dark. So then I jump out of bed and turn on the light and start to search for it. Then I realize it was a dream because there was no way for me to see the spider coming down in my dark room which is why when I wake up I have to turn the light on to look for it.

Recently, there was no spider but just spiderwebs all above me. I saw them clearly and then got up, freaked out, and had to turn the light on because once I came to I couldn’t see shit.

It’s the weirdest thing. I tried doing some research and I’m not sure about the whole dream interpretation thing or if believe the meanings online. I feel like without thinking too much into it, I hate spiders and they freak me out. So me having dreams about them constantly is me having to face something I’m afraid of in my dream so essentially I would take it to mean that I either have to face my fears or am already facing my fears or a fear.

Something related to facing my fears… I just know every few days I have these dreams and it’s super annoying. Especially when I’m having the best sleep ever and suddenly a spider is trying to land on my fat head, smh.

Fun little story…

A few years ago, my brother was getting his room remodeled and so he bunked with me. Well one night I clearly (in my dream) saw a spider on his face so I tried to save his life. It all happened so fast, I got my pillow and tried to kill the “spider” but right then he woke up.

I imagine waking up to someone about to smother your face with a pillow probably seems sketchy af. I smacked his head a couple times and then he started yelling and asking me what the f I was doing. To which I sincerely said “saving your life, duh”.

I told him about the spider and we looked for it but we didn’t find it. Shortly after I realized it was one my “spider dreams” and I’m sure he thought “this bitch is trying to kill me”. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈRip.

So much for feeling like a hero. I’m pretty sure he stopped bunking with me after that.

In summation…

I think in order to better understand this or to stop having this issue I need to:

  • Keep track of what I’m consuming. Maybe I’m not aware of it and on those specific nights am drinking too much caffeine or caffeine close to my bedtime. It doesn’t necessarily have to be caffeine either. It could be me consuming too much sugar or some other kind of stimulant.
    • Potential fix: food journal to improve the consumption problem and/or dream journal to better track exactly how often and what days I have said dreams
  • Obviously I’m not tired enough that I have to wake up during the night so I need to work on my sleep durations every night…I’m so bad at getting 8 hours or even 6 for that matter.
    • Potential fix:
      • Sleep tracker, eg. Pillow to help me improve and get the right amount of sleep every night
      • Exercise to get tired enough so I can sleep though the night
      • Take melatonin
      • Give myself a good amount of time before bed to unwind and prepare to sleep where I don’t watch TV or absorb any of that blue light from electronic devices

How about you? Do you have any weird consistent dreams and have you looked up what they could mean?


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