Five Amazon Must Haves!

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I’ve never understood what is so cool about impulsive shopping. Like it sounds so reckless to someones bank account. That being said, that’s like the only type of shopping that I do. *Insert clown emoji here*

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of the Amazon items I’ve come across that I don’t regret impulsively buying!

1. The Poop Stool

Okay, now this might come to a surprise to some of you. I don’t mean to traumatize anyone but…girls poop. Okay, I got it out there. Now that you know that, as one gets older that part of the day is something one comes to appreciate more and more. So of course as soon as I heard about the poop stool I added it to my wishlist. Finally I got it and tried it out. At first it feels a little weird, but once you get used to it…it’s unusually comfortable and appears to “work” the way they say it does. Supposedly, using the poop stool helps completely eliminate and leaves you feeling pretty nice and empty.

2. KeyChain Screwdriver

This one is one of those nifty tools that I got because my desk chair has screws that always seem to get a little loose which then makes the seat shift a little and well a regular screwdriver is too long to fit. It’s a keychain screwdriver and also has a flat-head. This baby comes in handy often. Sometimes you suddenly need one of the two and can’t find the tool when you need it. This baby goes right on your keychain and boom, you always know where it is if you need one of the two. Unless you lose your keys, Rip.

3. Wallet + Phone Case

I lost my wallet earlier this year and it was one of the worst things to happen to me! (Read that post here!) I had my phone that day and not surprisingly I didn’t lose the phone just the wallet. Go figure. I’m on the phone 24/7. Needless to say, if I had this dang wallet that day I wouldn’t have lost my cards or cash. Learned my lesson and got one of these babies. I love it. I love the color too! Of course that is a personal preference. Not to encourage excessive shopping but you know those times where you are trying to buy stuff and your wallet is elsewhere and you roll your eyes because you have to fill in your card info but are too lazy to go get the wallet. Well this solves that problem. Boom, shopping on your phone and need your card info? Look no further 😎 to the left are your cards. Hell yes!

4. Horse Mask

All I’m going to say for this purchase is, I’m a crazy person obviously. But hear me out. This mask is a pretty funny buy and has more to offer than you think. Ignore Halloween time for a moment. Imagine this, it’s February mid-week and you are in the worst mood ever. Need a quick mood change? Look no further. All you need to do is get your horse mask, put it on and look at yourself in the mirror. Put on some music, have a dance party. It truly is a mood changer. Have kids? What, they want a horse ride? Well, why not play the part 100%. Go get that horse mask and let the kids have fun. Not sold on the idea yet?

Looking to make Tik-tok videos? Who doesn’t want to see a horse doing the WAP dance?

5. This Badass Water Jug

Before this jug entered my life, I had issues with getting my water intake every day. Got this jug, was skeptical at first but was surprised that for me at least it’s helped. Every morning I’ve made it part of my morning routine that I fill this baby up and during the day will randomly look at it and the time marks and stay on track with drinking my H20.

In Summation…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and some of the goodies that have helped make me who I am, jk. I watch a lot of novelas and over exaggerating is my thing. But really these buys are amazing and have helped make my life a little better.


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