Best Socks For Slip-On Vans/Shoes

This truly is based on personal preference but I personally think slip-on shoes look way better with the no show socks. For some reason it just looks cleaner and not as bummy.

My all time favorite socks so far are from Forever 21. Literally, the ones they have right as you are paying and are being shoved in your face in those aisles while you wait to pay. They always have little knick-knacks there and I’ve come to realize the best one is their no show socks.

It doesn’t matter how many times I try and prove myself wrong and try other socks with my slip-on vans. Every time I go for the no show ones I get from Forever 21, they just look a lot cuter and more chick.

I try them with other “no-show” socks. But you could always still see them and it just looks bummy.


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