Why You Should Add Alaska To Your Bucketlist!

For years I had wanted to see the Northern Lights. You know that part in A Walk To Remember, when Jamie says it’s easy to have faith when you see the beauty that is around us…Well I’ve always thought Aurora Borealis is a perfect example. Only I had only seen it in pictures and wanted to witness it first hand and so added it to my bucketlist.

I’ve always wanted to visit new places but it’s always something I never truly believed I would do and just kept adding places to my bucketlist. But with Alaska I knew I needed to go. So one year ago I finally decided and booked the house and cabin I would be staying in and knew that after that there was no going back.

I decided to go to Fairbanks and Anchorage.

Fairbanks had Santa’s house, the Northern Lights, a hot springs, and food! Anchorage had breweries, the zoo, glaciers, and food!

The trip was amazing! It came and went in the blink of an eye. I wouldn’t change anything that happened because everything that happened from the food we had, to the places we visited, and even getting rear ended on the second day of our trip will always be in my memories! And just in case I start forgetting I have the pictures to show for it.

Anchorage & Fairbanks

Both places were beautiful in their own way and each had their own thing going for them! <3

If there is anywhere you want to go, all I have to say is….DO IT! Do it before you regret wanting to or change your mind because of any little reason. Do it scared! Just do it! <3


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