3 Things You Need To Do BEFORE You Lose Your Wallet!

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Imagine this: you are having a wonderful day and it’s Friday. You are about to get off work and start planning what fun thing you will do tonight. The only thing to do is food (thanks a lot COVID) 😒.

You reach for your wallet to get your debit card. Your wallet is suddenly not in the place you usually put it. You retrace your steps and try to remember the last time you held that little sucker. The memories are a blur. You start to panic.

The more you search the more you realize it’s no where to be found and perhaps someone is plotting to be you this very moment.

The problem with losing your wallet isn’t that it’s lost. It’s that you don’t know exactly what is in it. Unless you keep track, which lets face it… most people don’t.

From personal experience of losing my own wallet, today actually *badump tss* 🥁 I’ve come up with 3 things you need to do BEFORE you lose your wallet. You can thank me later or hopefully never, because I don’t want you to ever lose your wallet. It sucks ass.

1. Keep a log of some sort of what exactly is in your wallet. One of the pains of losing your wallet is not knowing what exactly is in it. Knowing this will make blocking your cards less stressful and faster. You will also know right away which cards to check for unauthorized activity.

2. Avoid carrying too much cash. It’s better to not have much cash in your wallet, or better yet none. With cards you can block them pretty fast nowadays, unlike cash. Also, with cards you can dispute unauthorized activity and get reimbursed. You don’t get those same perks with cash. With cash, whatever was in the wallet is gone.

3. Invest in a phone wallet. You know those wallets that are half wallet, half phone case?

It’s almost a certainty with how much time we spend on our phones that it’s less likely for us to lose our wallet if phone and wallet are together. This little baby might be what prevents you from losing your wallet in the first place. Ps. they are pretty inexpensive. The one I got was like $15.

Being unable to find my own wallet today pretty much ruined my Friday. It started out as TGIF and ended with FML.

And, quite honestly I don’t think I would have been as overwhelmed losing my wallet if I would have known exactly what was in there and if I had less cash inside of it. Well to be honest, if I had NO CASH inside of it.

To top it off, I had my phone AND wallet with me where I must have lost it and I didn’t lose my phone because I was on it the whole time. This means that if I had a phone wallet, I wouldn’t have lost my wallet at all. 🤡

I’m hoping my unfortunate event today will help prevent someone else from going through this horrible feeling and potentially having their day ruined. Good luck and keep those wallets safe.


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