New Life Resolutions

Are you tired of New Year resolutions? I am. I am tired of every year trying to get my life together in the form of a New Years resolution list, only to quit like most people sometimes weeks or months in.

I honestly think I’ve been trying to get my dream body for like 9 years now, maybe 10.

So, how about this year we change it from the perspective of a 2021 resolution to a LIFE resolution. What do you want to change about your life to make it everything you’ve ever dreamed of?

Here are some ideas:

***Instead of focusing on just getting a “hot” body let’s focus on:

Finding a fun activity we enjoy doing that could also serve as exercise or if you can’t find something fun, maybe a short youtube exercise video that is doable.

Here is one video that is less than 15 minutes long when you exclude her instructions for each exercise and it will make you sweat a ton and you will also eventually notice your butt getting toned.

I’m about to try in-line skating. 😎 Is there something you enjoy that makes you sweat? Maybe you can try in-line skating as well?

Another idea could be dancing, and they have so many free dancing workout videos on YouTube.

***Instead of focusing on finding a new job because you hate your current job, how about we focus on:

Appreciating that we have a job and the tasks about that job that we enjoy while we find our dream job. Also, consider the idea that you might not actually hate your job but might instead hate that you work for someone other than yourself and don’t have free reign of your schedule.

Focus on finding a career path doing something you love. Maybe like me you will take a little longer to figure out exactly what that is but knowing that you are on a journey to figure it out WHILE working at your current job helps. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Try watching videos or listening to podcasts on “How to Deal When you Hate your Job” or something similar. Try starting your work days with the mentality that you just need to get through today, and tackle your work one day at a time.

***Instead of focusing on goals based on what we hate about ourselves, how about we focus on:

What we like or better yet love about ourselves.

The physical and emotional attributes. I bet the stuff we hate anyway is all stuff that could be worked on if we really want to. Is it your weight? Changeable. Is it your anxiety? Changeable. Financial status? Changeable. Are you in a funk constantly? Changeable. Bad teeth? Changeable. Bad habits? Changeable again.

Try to come up with goals to update your perspective on yourself as well. Make one of your goals to be your own best friend because no one else will look out for you better than you.

***Lastly, instead of focusing on ALL the different things you want to change, how about we tackle one at a time?

Sometimes when you try to tackle them all, you don’t even know where to start so you end up not working towards anything. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

Sometimes doing little things helps immensely to increase willpower. If you want to get better at cleaning, how about you set a timer for 5-10 minutes so you feel in control of how long it will take. If you want to declutter a room, how about you do that again? Set a timer for a few minutes, something doable and work on it.

Here are some tasks that are very easy and don’t take long to do, but can make a huge difference in how productive you feel:

***Doing your bed. To make this super easy for myself, I sleep on top of my duvet cover. I just use a blanket and so then only have to fold the blanket, fix my pillows in the morning, and adjust the duvet for wrinkles a bit. It takes me like 3 minutes.

***Flossing and brushing your teeth followed by minty mouthwash. Something about a clean mouth and fresh minty breath feels so good.

***Putting a load of laundry in the wash. This is so easy to do and takes barely any time.

***Making and drinking tea. I don’t know what is, but drinking tea compared to other beverages makes me feel so calm and in control. If you want to avoid caffeine, choose chamomile.

Try to think of other tasks that you avoid sometimes but that you can pull off because they are easy, and try to do one or a couple of them every day.

Lack of willpower is usually what stops us from accomplishing most goals in life. If we can get tasks like these done, we can trick ourselves to get more willpower by constantly doing these little menial tasks that only take a couple minutes.

We totally got this. Let’s focus on making ALL of our goals come to life. Not just for 2021, no. I want to make the rest of the years our bitch.

Let me know what your life resolutions are in the comments? 🙂 I would love to hear about your life endeavors!


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2 thoughts on “New Life Resolutions

  1. YASSS!!!!! I totally feel you on these. I hate NY resolutions. So much pressure that it ends up being a huger stressor and not successful. I think it’s far more positive to reflect on the past year and everything you have achieved and what you are grateful for instead of what needs to be fixed.

    1. It always makes me think of that quote about the definition of insanity and how it’s doing the same thing over expecting a different outcome. 😛 Usually the next year resolutions are the ones you gave up on the prior year lol-or maybe that’s just me haha.