Movie Nugget: Evan Almighty

So, I watch alot of movies- alot alot of movies! While I don’t always love the whole movie of whatever it is I watch, I feel like most times there is at least one lesson that I end up taking with me.

Now please don’t read that and think “Oh wow, I wonder what she learned from Napoleon Dynamite 🙄?” Because I will say, I learned that I want a llama one day. Boom.

Moving forward, it’s important for me to tell you that this movie nugget is going to reference God and might not resonate with people who don’t believe in God.

Going back to Evan Almighty, the whole movie is a little entertaining and kind of cheesy. However, that being said I will forever be grateful for that movie because it really just had an extremely insightful scene that was kind of mind blowing for me.

Spoiler Alert, just kidding. I will try not to ruin too much of the movie for those who haven’t seen it yet.

So, there is a very powerful scene (well it was powerful for me) where it is mentioned that sometimes when people pray for say patience or love, they expect God to like zap them with patience or love and suddenly the person will be patient or have more love.

But they don’t take into consideration that maybe God doesn’t always magically modify people in that way (even though I’m sure he could), and instead provides them opportunities to practice being patient or practice giving love.

This is a very powerful message I think. Maybe it’s because I find myself to be one of those people who is constantly (I’m not proud of this) feeling disappointed when my prayers don’t suddenly get answered. Sorry, God.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve prayed for less anxiety, to feel more loved or to be more patient with others without realizing that it was there in front of me the whole time. I failed to realized that I was and am always being provided with opportunities to help me fulfill some of those requests I desperately ask for.

I hope this movie nugget helps at least one person who struggles with praying sometimes. I know there are times where I find myself asking “God, are you there?”.

It’s nice to be more aware throughout the day of different opportunities we are blessed with to practice being a better version of ourselves.

Let me know if you have seen the movie or plan to? I would love to know because I’m super nosey.


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