Is Your Face Irritated?

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Recently, I did two things that I think might have contributed to my face suddenly rashing out.

I tried some new lip/blush combo make-up and fell asleep with my make-up on.

Now I’m not 100% sure that this is what caused my face to rash out. But I’m pretty sure this contributed at least somewhat if it didn’t completely cause it.

I just know I noticed my face was a little redder and initially thought I was breaking out and my dumb ass continued to wear make-up the next day for work.

Well, at the end of the day it was super bad. It didn’t look like a break out anymore and that’s when I noticed it was a full on rash.

It was under my eyes and on my cheeks, on my forehead, under my lips. Essentially, my whole face. It was bumpy, red, and my skin just looked rough.

I didn’t know what to try since there are so many things online.

What I tried that didn’t help

  • This is kind of obvious, but don’t try any face masks. I did a charcoal peel thinking maybe my face just needed a good clean. Well, the peeling part didn’t help my case at all. It ended up drying my face on top of all the redness. It looked a little flaky.
  • I tried applying my regular moisturizer. Don’t do that.
  • I tried coconut oil, didn’t help either.
  • I tried Benadryl cream for rashes. I really thought this would help significantly but I didn’t notice a difference at all to be honest.

What did help and quickly

  • I tried cold compresses which besides feeling nice on my skin, I noticed it started to reduce the redness. By cold compresses, I mean I held a bunch of cold ass water bottles around my face.
  • I got these “eczema honey” paddy things. These things also helped and were like cold compresses in and of themselves because they are super cool on your skin and I believe these also helped with my redness.

All I know is I’ve used this twice and besides feeling yummy on my skin, my face is looking close to normal.

It’s important you know I also have not been wearing make-up the last couple days and don’t plan on it until my face is back to normal.

Honestly, I would go for the Aloe Vera first. It’s cheaper and I really think on it’s own would fix your face and fast.


I wouldn’t wear make-up if you have any kind of rash or irritation on your face. It will just make it worse. Don’t do what my dumb ass did when I still wore make-up for work. Made it way worse.

I would clean your surroundings including washing your bedding and pillow cases. Also, make sure you haven’t recently changed detergent or added new laundry cleaning products because that could have caused the rash. Make sure your A/C filter is clean as well or just clean it anyway.

Clean your make-up tools before you use anything again.

Could your make-up be expired? Did you try anything new that could have irritated your face to begin with?

Are you taking any new meds and maybe had an allergic reaction? Is the rash only on your face? You never know…

Hope this helps

I really just want others to have a quicker healing with what works. I ended up trying different things which prolonged my healing but maybe yours could be better. 🙂

Love, Loops


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