What To Watch On Skillshare

I caved and finally got a Skillshare subscription for the year so when I don’t have anything to do, I’ve been trying to use some of my free time to better myself by watching videos or using other resources such as podcasts or books.

On Skillshare you have so many videos to watch or things to learn. Sometimes you don’t know where to start.

Well if you are looking for any ideas, here are some of the instructors who have videos that I feel are insightful or have helped me in some way. Follow them if you enjoy their content!

Check These Out! 🙂

  1. Dr. Sarah Zaldivar

I love her videos on motivation and visualization! Very good stuff! She has a total of 4 videos as of this post being written and I will link her profile here.

“Motivation is the result of taking action, and not the cause.”

***Discipline and the Psychology of Success

***Motivation in a Nut Shell: Create it, don’t wait for it

***The Science of Motivation

***Visualize then execute! Peak performers’ dirty little secret!


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